Economies Expand Knowledge Horizons For Resilience

When services are all hit by the global outages, deepfake breaches and the fragility of single-point systems, humans and machines advance to self-organized AI/ML platform

Our Products

Personalized Digital-SmartCard devices enabled for secured digital “service-assist” and future cognitive interfaces in multi-modal service networks

Our Platforms

Render Choice-Reward with causal reasoning and dynamic inferences that derive forecasts, optimizations, choices, options, allocations, assignments for knowledge diffusion

Our Technology

Scientific Breakthrough is Our Causal Reasoning And Inferencing Models Engine …or Ensembles

Our Research

One-of-a-kind industry-focused inter-disciplinary research-academy for data science, machine learning and computing – be a Fellow of Design Sciences

…. all living species carry a language-independent system of acquiring knowledge and capabilities of pattern recognition, anticipation and memory organization – recorded in sequence and subsequence of experiences – to initiate continuous actions; and use that knowledge and capabilities to discover new knowledge, reasoning and inferences developed through an accretion of knowledge as well as situated learning

What machines learn from Dick Fosbury and his revolutionary Fosbury flop – the technique that Fosbury had developed alone over years transformed the high-jump forever

How machines learn humans, their states, actions, responses and derive choice-rewards in imperfect and incomplete information conditions using neural networks and projections

Why machines learn birds gather in flocks in a dazzling cloud, swirling, pulsating, drawing together to the thinnest of waists, then wildly twisting in a disordered system?

It is not the electrical signalling game of flowers to trick bees or between plants and pollinators, we place learning into a hypothetico-deductive framework that illuminates stories in cognitive science and how it helps answer optimization and, therefore, inference puzzles; and why the best alternative stories have the feature that, in these stories, our “real world” ends up as the deeper truth. This has direct impacts for our work as statisticians and trainers
Our research studies and patents, thus far, are independently-funded, i.e., not funded by any government, publicly-funded organizations or academic institutions
We invite talents  – scientists, researchers, creative thinkers, engineers, digital artists, marketing, etc. – to join us through Simon-Erdős School of Design Sciences 

We also do design sciences to cue human intellect