Design and Construct Sciences That Render Knowledge

We are driven by the belief that design sciences and creativity directly influence human experiences and improves the quality of our lives and decisions, whether in the work place, at home or in the city spaces in between

We spend a disproportionate share of time on seeking knowledge and expertise and transform them into machine learning ideas, then our role is: to ensure more people spend more time with our customers’ products, services or functions; our purpose is: to create ideas that people want to spend more time with; our belief is: the better the idea, the more time people will spend with it.

Our Purpose

To design, render and advance sciences of knowledge

Our Mission

We’re driven by a dual mission:

¤ Create values for customers through AI/ML-driven products, services and research

¤ Build aspiring scientific-creative teams to create products and services for profit

Our Values

♦  be creative and courageous to invent

♦  stay ethical to uphold confidence

♦  remain truthful with unique perspectives

♦  broadly inclusive and respectful

Our Story

How we arrived where we’re today

We stay independent: we retain space to dissent, regardless of popularity of views

We uphold professional integrity: we test randomness of data; we neither cherry-pick, modify, filter or delete information, nor algorithmically moderate analyze or modify models under pressure to make results and interpretations more favorable

We draw inferences and insights as we see it: we dissect and cross-analyze large data-sets by demographic, socio-economic, psychometric and ethnographies factors and millions of other dimensions – without prejudices or externalities – to represent and summarize the best evidence from research to help our stakeholders make informed choices, as profession demands

We all have our own commitment to our purpose, the life values, professional code of conduct and policies that govern what problem and opportunities we will work and will not work.

We invite talents  – scientists, researchers, creative thinkers, graphic engineers, economists, digital visualizers, computer developers, architects, etc.

We bring them together directly and through Simon-Erdős School of Design Sciences to help us seek connections between research and real-world work

We expect talented individuals to work with us who are broadly inclusive with wide range of perspectives. We believe this ultimately leads to creative outcomes by fostering a culture of learning and innovation, and encouraging quality of decision making.

We expect them to be a leader and collaborative to drive innovations alongside pioneers in statistical learning, distributed computing, technologies and other social science disciplines.

We expect them to impart and share knowledge to grow and get better. And as our company remains start-up, the opportunities for training, learning and growth multiply.

We are committed to working with and, therefore, designing an organization for people of every race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, nationality, origin, socio-economic status, physical ability or attribute or political belief. We recognize that this commitment requires ongoing work and sustained attention, as well as adaptation to new insights and ideas.