Joining Research At Simon-Erdős School of Design Sciences

The one-of-a-kind industry-driven research-academy invites scientific and creative participants and researchers to join our journey of inter-disciplinary science, design and computing research and academy

The Simon-Erdős School of Design Sciences offers graduate and above programs leading to a Junior, Senior Fellowship, and, in near future, knowledge expert in Design Sciences.  Depending on the program or department, the intake and selection process may vary. Office of Internal Relations Affairs will arrange the necessary discussions and research areas for you

Who Do We Select

All graduates, preferably with STEM foundation, if you consider the research program

How Do We Select

Specify the research areas of your interest and frequently asked questions on selection

New Researchers

What you do once you receive offer, although delighted to have you in the organization

Joining tip!

Simon-Erdős School of Design Sciences is a community of designers, researchers, scientists and inventors who work together as members of research teams, doing things that conventional wisdom says can’t or shouldn’t be done. The research studies underway are as varied as the researchers who conduct them: from tools for learning and expression, to innovative devices for human adaptation and augmentation, to new interfaces of services for tomorrow’s knowledge workers.

Joining Process

We recruit candidates all year round and review and accept applications on a rolling basis throughout the year.  Students come to the research through the Research Programs. Candidates with backgrounds ranging from computer science to cognitive science, architecture to neuroscience, mechanical engineering to material science, and more. The program offers courses and several undergraduate subjects. The courses explore several themes, including, for example, human-computer interaction, communications, learning, design, and entrepreneurship.

An interdisciplinary initiative investigating the interface between computer science and physical science, also admits students through the Research Program. The Simon-Erdős School of Design Sciences is known for its global network of ambient intelligence facilities.

International Participants

Consistently as the one-of-a-kind research academy, our international reputation for research and innovation attracts some of the most inspiring and creative participants and researchers in the world.

The Simon-Erdős School of Design Sciences already has a large cohort of international researchers.

At Simon-Erdős School of Design Sciences (“DESC”), you have total intellectual freedom and are protected from commercial pressures to create your own ideas, digital assets, products and services.

All we care about you to be great. And, you create something that’s great. Great for business. Great for human intellect and experience. We will help you to develop that craftsmanship – taking a good idea and turning into a great product, service or function – required to do that

Our Internal Metrics

The Simon-Erdős School of Design Sciences has Festival of Knowledge. It is an annual, day-long event for researchers to learn and create together in a celebration of our community’s diverse talents and interests. The Festival of Knowledge made its debut in Singapore, spearheaded by a team of junior researchers. After some hiatus, the tradition was revived in 2023. The Festival is now organized by a collaborative team of business, staff, and researchers, with support from the partners and customers.

Simon-Erdős School of Design Sciences also works with several tech-labs and studios and designs tools, devices  and methods for more engaging, more equitable and collaboration experiences. These collaboration activities in three areas:

Professional learning: Develop  tools, platforms, online courses, and other remote collaboration opportunities for the partner and customer companies.

Research knowledge: Integrate the use of digital tools with the way our junior researchers learn and collaborate by working closely with our academic program.

Knowledge sharing: Broaden the impact by openly sharing our ideas and research, and by co-designing new solutions together with communities around the world.

The collaboration is staffed by a team of designers, educators, engineers, and researchers and it works closely with research groups across the company. The AI/ML initiative team and active projects are transitioning into the new collaboration structure.

Next Festival of Knowledge

“If an applicant is more ‘formed’ in terms of their research-academic interests and plans, they may come across as a more solid, qualified, and convincing applicant, if an applicant is able to clearly explain his or her academic interests and career plans, she may be in a better place to apply to these fellowships.”